Is Avast Secure Browser a Good Choice?


Awhile back I installed free Avast, which was recommended as a good alternative to what I was using. So far no problems with it that I am aware of. But it did try to get me to use the Avast browser but I'm used to Firefox and hesitate to use it unless I hear good things about it. Anyone have an opinion on it? I do get come-ons to buy more products from Avast - anyone out there recommend them? Is it important to have the VPN protection? That one keeps popping up.

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I've used Avast for a number of years, and have been very happy with it for antivirus protection. I have heard nothing bad about the Avast browser, but don't use it because I like Chrome. The Avast browser does have built-in protections that Firefox doesn't. My suggestion is to download it and try it since you're not restricted to having just one browser (I have four browsers on my computer and switch around sometimes). After you download, you can easily export all of your Firefox bookmarks over to the Avast browser, and then they will be in both places regardless of which one you want to use.

Their VPN is reliable and easy to use. Whether you need one depends on whether you are concerned about the fact that your ISP can view everything you do online and can sell the data they collect from tracking your activities. VPNs also help protect you from having data stolen or intercepted when you are trying to use a public wi-fi system, like at the airport. VPNs also have other security advantages. Here is a good article that explains how VPNs work and how they can help protect you online: What is a VPN?

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