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Ways to brighten a stodgy guest room that has cedar trim and ceiling?

5 years ago

I am trying to make our guest room into a nicer, brighter, happier place for guests to stay. And I just can't seem to find the right combination of solutions.

First of all, I would like to find a good paint color. As you can see, the room has old cedar paneling on the ceilings (which I do not want to get rid of or paint, because they're in all of the rooms), and cedar trim, with old wood bifold closet doors and a heavy-looking wood dresser. I'd really like to find a way to make this room happier. I tried the pink color in the background you can see, but it did not work out well with all of the old wood still in place. I think that sort of pink might only work in a white-trimmed room. I am now trying some shades of blue and green, which are always my go-to. I wish I could branch out, and find something with depth and excitement but that is also happy and light. The room is east/south facing and so gets some morning and late afternoon light but it is not overly bright. I have found that yellow shades are tricky enough, but then when they are up against cedar (which reads orange-y) and an oatmeal colored carpet, I am not sure it would work.

Does anyone have any ideas?

We will be trading out the old blinds for some white/cream cellular shades, and will put up new trim around the baseboards and doors/closets in hemlock, which is much lighter.

What else can I do? Do you have any ideas--paint colors or otherwise--for transforming this space?

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