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What paint color/trim to paint my exterior? Should I add shudders?!

Angela E
4 years ago

So I'm a local realtor and my client wants my advice as to paint colors for her house. Her house is the first 2 photos. I haven't seen the house in person yet but I'd like to have a plan for when I meet her this week. The top pic is the front of the house from an old listing and the second pic is more recent of the back of the house. She describes the color as a beige camel color probably more true to the top pic.

So I scoured the inter webs as I googled "dormer farm house" and I came up with a white paint/trim and adding dark shudders. Would that be weird since the roof is in he brown family? What about dark paint light shudders/trim? See my reference pics below

I am no expert so please tell me what you think. If I do a white then should it be more off white? And should the trim be the same white? We live in the PNW so it rains a lot. Not sure if that info is handy.

And what do you think of shudders on the front windows (minus the dormers)?

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