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Space required around compact washer/dryer set

5 years ago

I'm renovating the bathroom of my small condo, it's the top unit of an 8 unit converted row house. The current washer dryer is an old stacked kenmore set with a top loading washer (sits on a frame). It vents to the ceiling. The current set is 25 inches wide and only 22 inches deep. (picture below)

I'd like to get a new W/D set as part of the renovation, but i'm having trouble finding anything small enough. The size of the space itself is just a smidge under 26 inches wide and 27.25 inches deep. As part of the renovation I can move one of the walls slightly to create more width, however I can't afford to lose any space for depth as the machines face the doorway and the entry is already very tight.

I've read on consumer reports and the home depot website that I need to leave at least one inch on either side of the machines left to right, and 6 inches behind the machine for electrical, water and venting. I'm wondering if there is any way around having to leave a full 6 inches behind them. Based on what I've been able to find so far, it's extremely difficult to find a W/D combo that's less than 24 inches deep, which means I'd really only be able to leave about 3 inches of space behind without impeding the entry way.

Does anyone have any experience fitting compact washer/dryers into a small space? Is there a way to build some of the venting/water/electricity hookups into the existing wall, or perhaps a side wall to allow for the machines to sit farther back against the wall? Or should I assume that the 6" behind the machines is required?

You can see in the picture below (rough mockup of possible remodel the nook for the W/D), the doorway faces the W/D, and it's a tight entry way already, hence my concern about depth. The dryer vents to the ceiling.

Here's another shot of the bathroom layout showing the way the previous owner had it (you can see the current w/d and the thicker wall to the right of the machines. That photo was taken from the doorway.

Any advice anyone has about how to push compact W/D's closer to the back wall would be much appreciated!

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