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Looking for Compact Washer/Dryer 220Volt

11 years ago

I am currently looking for a compact Washer/Dryer that will fit under a 34 inch cabinet. The previous owners took a pair of Miele and left the 4-prong 220V outlets. I had an electrician come out to see how much it would be to replace to a USA 3 prong 110Volt but it was going to cost a few hundred dollars. So, here are our options. Buy new set of Miele Washer Dryer ($4000) or look to find a brand like Bosch or Asko (which I have found searching through this forum). This is a second set of Washer Dryer that would be used for our children. House is set up kind of funky so we are tired of walking across the house and our washer dryer is in our master bath. So we've gone long enough and need to upgrade soon. I would love to keep the budget closer to $2000 but have been a bit taken back by poor reviews of Bosch and others. Any insight would be helpful. We want to buy new not used. Thanks for your help.

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