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Seeking advice. I can’t fit furniture in my small master bedroom.

Lauren Slotten
5 years ago
I live in a small rustic house, which I love, but the character comes with challenges. The master bedroom is small and each wall makes is even harder to style. One wall is the bathroom door and the bedroom door opens onto it. Nothing can go on that wall. Opposite it is a window centered just low enough that the bed can’t go there. The bed is on the only wall it fits on but we like our king size bed so it’s very difficult to find a bed with matching night stands that will fit on the wall. Opposite the bed is a sliding glass door. There’s room for a small dresser next to it but that’s it. I complicate things more by preferring matchy matchy - or at least intentionally matching furniture. Our style is rustic - dark woods with iron accents. Most furniture in this style is built for a much larger room. I’ve been searching for bedroom furniture for 4 years and given up on the idea that a bedroom set will fit the tiny room. Any suggestions?! Which pieces have to match to pull it together?

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