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Bedroom furniture - seeking your tips/advice/wisdom

3 months ago

I haven't bought any for a very long time. We have queen bedroom "set" we bought in the 80s with a low-end sleep number mattress that we like. We are not moving our hodge-podge cheap bedroom furniture from the lake to the south so we need something new. With three cats sleeping on the bed, our bedroom is every bit a functional room and not a show place. I will probably get another sleep number mattress - the ability to make one side hard and not the other is good for us. I am a bit concerned about the company troubles at the moment but I'd just buy a basic mattress so not investing a fortune. I'm not inclined to get any kind of foam mattress after having a foam topper that was intolerable in the summer.

I'm sick to death of dust ruffles so I want some kind of platform bed - also a plus because I only need a mattress and won't need a sleep number base or a boxspring. I'm leaning toward an upholstered bed in part because when you run into the end of it I'm thinking you won't get hurt as bad as a harder one. I also like the idea of the storage beds but most of those are wood. We've never had a king size bed but we're getting one this time. I've been advised not to get a footboard because trying to tuck things under a king bed with a footboard is a PITA. We've always just had a headboard so I've never been into footboards (other than an antique brass bed in our guestroom).

As far as the rest of the bedroom furniture is concerned I'm fine with a reasonably priced, decent quality set of furniture - a couple nightstands, a dresser and probably a chest of drawers but I have to verify the space when I get there. I don't need heirloom quality furniture at this point in my life. I've been looking online but everything looks like fake wood - gray and weird white and brown finishes. I need to go to the bricks and mortar store this week and see what it looks like in person.

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