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Please help needed for small small master bedroom

Lyban zone 4
11 years ago

My DD and SIL have an older home in the middle of the city so super location but not very big rooms to work with.

None the less, they are trying to make their master bedroom work for them.

They put a Pax wardrobe entirely along one wall. So that takes care of their hanging and folded clothes.

Now the rest of the room as you can see by my sketch only has room for a queen bed and two narrow night tables.

They want to either make an upholstered bed or buy one. I included two photos of the styles they have been looking at.

Then they need to paint the room and put some kind of window treatment.

Again the door opens into the night table wall so that is why we cannot go wider than the 21 inches for Night tables in sketch. They could put a hamper behind that door openng in corner.

They would like a full lenght mirror somwhere but where would you hang it.

So here are my questions:

1- Would the style of bed matter or should they just pick the one they like the most.?

2-If they pick the brown one could they do a blue on the walls, not baby blue but a bit more intense. If so what color suggestions, or other color ideas?

3- For window treatments, as you can see there is only 10 inches space on one wall. I thought mabye no drapes and just either Roman shades or sillouettes. What do you think?

4- Where would you hang the mirror?

Originally she wanted dark charcoal fabric for the bed and a lighter gray on walls, but if she buys the bed instead of making it she is not finding the right colors so is maybe changing her mind to the brown bed and something else on walls, but does not want to overpower the room.

There is no other way to put the bed, believe me we have tried everything. For now she has put the paper shades up till she gets this organized.

Any and all ideas are welcome.

My attempt at sketch


wall with Pax wardrobe-North


wall to right of wardrobe-east


wall behind bed-south


wall with door opening-West


windows with paper redishades


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