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Remodel of Awkward Master Ensuite Bathroom - Help with Shower&Vanity

5 years ago
last modified: 5 years ago

We live in townhome and are planning a remodel of our existing ensuite bathroom (see my VERY BASIC drawing :). The ceiling height is about 7 feet 10 inches. The plan is to remove the soaker tub (already have a tub in another bathroom), and install a double-vanity on that wall. We are seeking advice on the size and placement of the new shower, as well as input on vanity.


- The toilet location cannot be changed.

- There is a deep skylight in the middle of the bathroom (shaft is about 7 or 8 feet to the roofline).

- Entrance to bathroom cannot be changed (furniture placement in adjacent master bedroom prevents this)

- The shower must stay in roughly same location - either a) exact same footprint or b) longer walk-in shower (3 x 5 foot shower)- so it would basically "skim" the skylight.

1) Shower

Option a) same footprint - our concerns are that it would create an "empty spot" where the current vanity is. Don't know what to do with the empty space (once vanity is removed)? Also, any options cannot interfere with entrance to shower which is right next to it.

Option b) longer walk-in shower (3 x 5 shower; skims the skylight) - our concerns are: would the shower placement look odd directly across from the entrance? i.e it is the first thing you see as you enter (opposite door); its proximity to the skylight i.e. steam/mold issues with steam going up; and is the proposed size too slender? Could we go wider?

Which shower option would you recommend?

If you suggest option a), what would you do with the empty space?

If you suggest option b), what size, and what things should we avoid in relation to skylight? Also, we live in a colder climate so would appreciate input on whether you recommend a walk-in shower with a door, or "doorless" option.

2) Vanity -

Would you do a custom double-vanity on the wall (where soaker tub is located), even though the skylight wouldn't be centred above it? Or would you do a standard sized double-vanity, and create open shelving at the end of that wall? Or something else?

We would also like to keep costs down. Thanks in advance for any advice.

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