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Need help with 8’X10’ master bathroom remodel

3 years ago
last modified: 3 years ago

We r planning to remodel our 25 yr old master bath. attaching the pics with current layout. Need help with some designs for vanity area and also how to make it appear a little open. It’s a narrow bathroom with vanity one side and bathtub/toilet/closet on another side.

One important detail is we are planning to move in the next 2-3 yrs. We would either rent or sell this house so don’t want to do a lot of expensive upgrades but don’t want to go cheap either.

My qs.

1. The vanity is 10’ long. I am thinking to have 2 vanities with a tower cabinet in the middle. Planning to go with a local cabinet maker for this.

2. I want to take the closet out next to the toilet. My dilemma is should I just put a half wall there and use the open space for laundry hamper or put a linen closet (same style as of vanity).

3. The bathtub area is 36”X60”. Should we convert the bathtub with a standing shower or just replace it with a new bathtub and tile the walls?

Please let me know your thoughts. Greatly appreciate it.

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