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Exterior accent colors for red orange brick house

5 years ago

Hello, I'm looking for suggestions for an accent color or two to match my brick home. The previous homeowner used all cream and black shutters. I am currently repairing the windows and will be repainting them. I would like to add another color as I've never been a fan of the cream and change the shutters. However the cream will be staying on the gutters and fascia as I'm not changing that at the moment. The brick has dark red, orange and brown tones. I've been looking at taupes and warm grays for the windows and some bolder purples and blues for the front door or small accents (front door is already dark purple). I'm not afraid of bold colors, my main goal is to tone down the cream while still having it match. The current trim you see around the doors and windows is an aluminum trim that I'll be removing to work on the wood and not reinstalling. I will be repairing and painting the wood trim beneath it. Thank you.

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