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Best James Hardie Statement colors for orange-red brick with black

3 years ago

I love Timber Bark, but my siding guy (who is wonderful) suggested that Timber Bark won't work with white windows. But it is beautiful with my brick (see attached—don't judge me, I'm planning to replace that door). :) Originally we were going to Cobblestone w/navy door, but it's kind of peachy in person and every house in my hood is beige. I love a true black (Dream Collection) but it's out of our budget (as is getting primed and then painting it ourselves), so I turn to Iron Gray as the darkest, but it has a sort of Wedgwood blue hue. I don't mind blue, just not a slate blue (see third pic, which is Deep Ocean, Cobblestone & Arctic White). I like the Deep Ocean on other houses but the rep has me freaked out because he said it's purple. Wisdom welcome.

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