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Exterior colour help! Posts, door trim, stair treads and sides

Tamara B
4 years ago


I need some help picking the colours for some of the exterior items on our new home, I have some parameters for what is within the existing budget but would love some opinions to help us decide. These 2 pictures show one side of the house and the back porch view.

For the portions where we might be able to do wood and stain (vs. paint grade), i'm unsure as to how much we try to match the various shades of stain to eachother.

Apologies in advance for the novel and thanks for your help!

I need to pick:

1. Exterior stair treads (for the 2 front facing porches - it's a corner lot so both are visible from the street). The material will be a treated wood, and we can go with either brown or green. I am hoping stain vs paint is an option. if so, would you stain the treads to match the soffits (natural cedar colour) as closely as possible? Or go darker? The front doors are white oak with a grey-toned stain, otherwise the soffits are the only wood tone, and we want to try to soften the grey/charcoal that is the main portion of the home. Decks are a light-medium grey.

2. Porch posts (both front porches and back porch). The posts will be clad with fascia, so should we go with charcoal to match the other fascia? Needs to be painted, not stained and cladding in a wood/veneer is not within budget.

3. Vertical porch rails - they will be powder coated metal, so am thinking of going with black.

4. Top (horizontal porch rail and caps - could be a synthetic wood material or black like the vertical portion of the rails. if we go for the wood look, should we try to match the soffits? Or if the stairs are a darker brown stain, match the stair treads?

5. Front door trim: again this is fascia and can be painted any colour. Should we match the existing charcoal fascia?

6. Back door trim: There will be 2 black fibreglass doors on the porch. Again with fascia trim. Paint it charcoal? or is this too dark since the doors are black?

7. Sides of stairs: the area on the sides of the stairs that cover what otherwise would be open space below them. There will be rundle shale (grey, just like the stone column on the side of the house) stone supporting the posts at the top of each staircase. i believe we have cedar horizontal slats that will look a bit like siding with some space between them for air flow. What colour would you suggest staining these? To match the soffits or go darker?

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