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Help with railing/newel post(s) on open treads please

14 years ago

I can't find the thread from last year, I *still* don't have a railing. Can't seem to find a carpenter who wants to put newel posts on bottom step (I only have 3ft from bottom tread to opposite wall so don't want to close up the space, plus have finished flooring in - til on one side!).

So, since by code we can have 3 treads with no railing, I was thinking of putting good hefty newels, not half newels but flat on the back and secured to walls like half newels) on either side, and wrapping the wall rail around the corner to end on one of them (the side next to DR, shown in first pic here). Probably be custom since the width from the stringer (corner) to the edge of my half tread is 1/2" different from one side to the other (foyer side is wider).

Sorry, old pics from when I had DR floor installed last Sept.

Can people post pics of anything they've done similar to what I've described, even if you then came down with balustrade to another newel at the bottom? Kind of like this but the half newels would be about 4-5" thick instead of 2"(I love this but the stairs got wider at the bottom o bottom newels are farther apart than half newels and the railings curve. Plus I wouldn't put 2 railings - leave the foyer side open even if I put a hefty half newel on that half tread, I want to keep the foyer open since it's such a small space).



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