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Help with exterior trim color for our brown house

12 years ago

I'm new to the forums and I just posted this questions in a different area but I think this is where it needs to go. Im not sure how to upload a picture so I've included a link to a picture of the house online. We have recently purchased this home and we have plans to update a few things on the exterior. Our plans are as follows:

1- Repaint the trim a different color (it is currently forest green....the picture is very dark but in reality the green is much brighter and contrasting. I have tried to convince myself that we can live with it, but ultimately I know that I hate the color and it has to be changed).

2- Repaint the deck dark brown to match the garage door (or possibly replace it with maintence free decking in dark brown).

3- Add stonework to the pillars on the deck (I am thinking wider-based pillars with stonework on the bottom add a craftsman element to the home and to balance the stonework from the garage side). Just fyi, there is also a fireplace on the back of the home with stonework.

4- Add stonework along the bottom of the front and sides of the home.

My questions are what color should we have the trim painted? I don't what the trim to be a focal point, but I do want a contrasting color because the siding and the roof are the same medium brown color. And also, should we do anything different with the garage? I think it looks a little odd with the stonework along the sides and empty in the there should be a window in the middle or something. It just looks empty and the location of the stonework seems odd. Also, what color front door? Should we have a dark brown to match the decking and garage door? Or maybe a pop of color? Any advice or ideas are greatly appreciated! Thank you so much!

Here is a link that might be useful: front of home

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