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Tile lippage, rough edges and grout color problem.

4 years ago
We are having our master bath remodeled. Even though the tile contractor’s workers were here almost every day it has taken 7 weeks so far. The contractor talks about how much work he has due to Hurricane Harvey (we are in Houston) and I don’t think the workers on our job are his best. They speak no English and we cannot communicate with them. His “ expert” tile guy was here for 1.5 days towards the start. He has not been back since. The regular workers have had to tear out and replace a large area of tile they had installed and they cannot seem to get an even grout color. They have re-grouted and acid washed once but it is still three different colors, the true grout color, white and dark. The mosaic accent tile is rough in spots and some tiles are not laid flat. I don’t require perfection, but do expect better. What can I reasonably expect from the contractor? I’ve lost confidence in the workers on our job. Is it reasonable to ask for his A team?

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