Help with closet design- garage space floor plan

3 years ago

I posted on the remodeling thread but no responses. I am hoping any of you who like looking at floor plans and thinking about living flow can comment. I want help designing a new closet as part of a garage conversion/addition.

Here is my existing floorplan.

We want to turn the "rec room" into a side entry garage, entry from the left side. The current "rec room" is unusable due to not being heated and cooled.

The existing rec room has a double door to the current master, a single door to the hall by the laundry room, and a current door to the "hobby room" which is a storage room with counters and shelved between the current garage and house. We enter the home through the garage then this "hobby room" that goes into the home via a butlers' pantry off the kitchen (labeled kitchen 2 on the plan)

If we make access from the new garage through the hobby room, it makes the same entry to the home from either garage. There is also a possibility of removing wall between the 2 garages making one big open space.

I am sure I want to make some type of new master closet using the double doors from the existing master. What I am not sure about is whether to make a long closet with two doors, the second opening to the hall by the laundry room.

Or whether to make a new master closet, and then make a closet or walk way with from the garage to the laundry room hall. Or I could also do a master plus second closet only accessible from the laundry room.

Comments on traffic flow etc with these options?

Thanks for some fresh eyes and perspectives.

Possible remodel floor plans:

All work will be to code and we are aware of firewall requirements between home and garage.

Thanks for any comments.


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