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Dormer Window Size

4 years ago

We are in the process of building our home, a one and a half story Craftsman. Our builder has already ordered the windows and it wasn't until after the framing of our upstairs bathroom (the front gabled dormer) that it was discovered that the window could have been made taller (FYI I had asked several times if the windows could be larger but was told they could not because of the header and the roof of the front porch).. The windows , two awning style, currently have a rough opening of 24" H X 65" W. They could be as tall as 33" H and 65" W.

As stated this is the bathroom window, westward facing, so it is more of an aesthetic issue than a functional issue. There will also be a decorative cedar gable brace. I thought of a fixed transom window above but unless they can raise the header there's not enough space after framing and casing is taken into consideration.

Do I leave them as is?
Order new taller windows? (More $$$)

Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

I have attached both exterior and interior photos.

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