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OT... I am so fed up with winter I could scream!!

6 years ago

Yeah, I know it's officially "spring"... but tell that to Mother Nature!! She can't seem to keep Old Man Winter at bay. We had wonderful sunny warm days a week or so ago. Been in the 40's and raining off and on this last week. Went out today to do some errands, was not raining, but still chilly. Now it's back to overcast, cold and raining again! I'm sick of it! Yeah yeah I know we NEED the water. But dang... I'm sick of the COLD! I don't remember running the heater this late in April in yrs past. I'm trying desperately not to, because my utility bills have been in the $300+ range all winter. But I'm sorry, I just can't sit in 65° inside. Nope.

Anyway.... I had to go out and check on the chickies earlier, as one of them is not feeling well. I'm beginning to think they're also getting tired of this weather. Poor things haven't had much sunshine on their pen in months!

I happened to see another iris opening up despite the weather, so went and grabbed my camera. Took some other pics while I was at it.

Here's a few of the girls looking out disgustedly at the wet yard.

This was the iris that just opened today... in the rain... not sure the name, will have to look it up.

This one has been blooming for a couple of days... ETERNAL PRINCE. Look at all those grassy weeds I can't get to because of the rain (the rest of the bed that you can't see is totally engulfed in them!)...

One of my tree peonies is really drooping from the rain... acckkk! More weeds too!

And one of my dogwoods is blooming great this yr!

CALIFORNIA DREAMIN' has been trying to open for days,,,

I didn't even know BLUE FOR YOU was so full of buds, let alone already opening up!

LEONIE LAMESCH looking pretty darn wet!

One of my apple trees has a lot of blossoms but in this rain the bees can't get to them, so who knows if I'll get any fruit or not. Only got 2 or 3 last yr. Can't remember the name of this variety. Maybe something like PINK CHAMPAGNE??? Or that could be the one that's dying.... not sure...

This is a sweet little creeping phlox planted in the big ceramic pot with my HEAVEN ON EARTH rose, which should be blooming soon....

I'll be so glad when this weather gets warmer and dryer! I want more blooms!! ... oh crap... I think I hear hail now.... geez... I'm getting depressed... Waaaah!!

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