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Note to self re food:

4 years ago

Be more diligent throwing stuff out before you go away!

We got back last Saturday from being away for three weeks. Over the next couple of days, I culled a bunch of things from the fridge that really should have gone before we left; they definitely were well past being edible or even safe to eat. DH announced he had thrown out the green bread on the counter (didn’t see it but probably just the tail end of a loaf).

But there was a mystery smell. Every time we went near the microwave/coffee making area, there was a really unpleasant smell which gradually got worse.

Checked in, under and behind the microwave. Nothing. Looked in the pot drawers under the counter there, even pulled them right out to see underneath. Zip. Emptied the trash bin, washed it. Smell still there. Beginning to think maybe a mouse or rat had died in the wall and we were going to have to live with it until it eventually went away.

Then today, as I was putting some lunch in the microwave and facing in a direction I don’t normally do, it struck me. Near to the microwave is a hanging basket holding a black cloth bag where the potatoes are kept. “I found the smell!” I yelled in triumph to DH as I removed a plastic bag of liquid and mush that once had been some potatoes- kipflers?

I can’t recall how long it has been since last I smelled a rotten potato but I do hope it’s a long, long time before I smell another one :-P

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