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Note To Self: Buy year.

Is there anything you grew this year that that liked so well that you want to buy more next year?

I am not one to plant multiples of one kind of perennial, though I do buy various cultivars and forms of certain plants. But there are a few things I would like to buy more of:

Perennial Geraniums that tolerate full sun, for fillers.

Another Euphorbia polychroma (now called E. epithymooides). I love this plant!

Salvia officinalis- purple and variegated forms- and various kinds of Thyme. I might be making a new bed in the front yard next year for veggies, with a boarder of herbs by the sidewalk.

Might buy at least one more Polygonatum. I have a little collection because I like them so much (they tolerate dry shade, need I say more!!?). Epimedium for the same reason. I wish they bloomed longer, but they are useful.

Chaenomeles speciosa 'Cameo'- peach flowering quince shrub. I have a baby start of it, but really want a bigger one.

More Pulsatilla (Pasque flower). One of mine died last year and I am determined to have lots more in the garden so I will never be without!

Maybe another Polemonium 'Brise d' Anjou'. I have had great luck with this plant and just love the foliage.

Oriental Poppies for fillers. Really want to try 'Patty's Plum' and the purple re-blooming 'Harlem'.

And more Ornamental Oregano! I like the cascading kind like my 'Kent Beauty', but may try some other cultivars/species too.

As far as annuals....

You guys know I am not really into them. But there are a few things that have impressed me (yes I am eating my words!). Linaria 'Fairy Bouquet' is such a nice little thing! Airy snap-dragon like flowers that are so delicate. And Double Rose and Purple petunias for the front rose bed (they looked nice next to my lavender). And maybe some interesting cultivars of Pelargonium. They are so easy to root from cuttings, so I am justified a little. ;-)

How about you guys?


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