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18th century German manor house: help with a bedroom suite move-in

4 years ago

We're in a pickle with a new suite of bedrooms for use as a master bed space: 1 oversized very large room, and a smaller adjoining room.

First thought: a small bedroom and a second living/work room, but a queen bed in the small room looks cramped (see photo).

Second idea: put bed in larger room and arrange sitting room furniture together to create a large informal bedroom suite. The smaller room could be a dressing room, meditation room or reading nook with desk facing the window.

Limitations: The large room has off-center windows, and a part of the room (left on floorpan below) has to function as a hallway of sorts for circulation to the smaller room. The partitioning wall has a built-in tile oven that extends into both rooms.

We're thankful for any ideas!

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