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Thoughts on vertical vs horizontal tile wall placement

6 years ago
last modified: 6 years ago

Small bar (which is missing right now due to countertop horror story) and kitchenette in a home dance studio; I am considering using this stainless tile and blue rain glass, but feeling uneasy about whether to apply both horizontally (or vertically) or if I can do the blue glass vertically and the stainless horizontally. I'd like the blue glass to be the backsplash behind the sink and follow all the way up to the bottom of the top level cabinetry. It's a small room, so trying to create some visual height. I also considered using the stainless hex tile, but it seems too busy with all the movement going on with the countertop and flemish glass cabinet doors. Another question is whether to take the backsplash up the wall to the ceiling on the kitchen side of the overhead beam. The other side is flush against another wall. Open and grateful for thoughts! Thank you!

btw, the color of the veining in the stone is the color of the blue rain glass. The photo looks a bit green and yellow, but it's grey, white, midnight blue with specks of copper.

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