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Walk-in Closet vs. Nice Built-In Wardrobes in New Build in Houston?

6 years ago

We are designing a new home for an empty lot in and established neighborhood in Houston. Our designer has included a HUGE walk-in closet that neither I or my husband particularly want/need. I am leaning towards a long row or nice, built-in wardrobes that I feel will add architectural interest, as well as offering MORE linear shelf/rod/storage space while freeing up some of that square footage for use elsewhere in the house. Most walk-ins I have seen either have a huge amount of wasted floor space, or the floor ends up covered in junk, no matter how many storage "solutions" are included. I know people generally "expect" walk-ins for resale value, but I am wondering if the amount of storage is the same or more, and it looks really nice (not just a builder-grade reach-in), how much is that really true? We are not planning on selling again any time soon, but don't want to do anything incredibly stupid, either.

For reference, the neighborhood is mostly homes built in the 70s and 80s, so unless they have been recently renovated, most have "small" closets compared to what you see in most new builds in Houston. There are not many newer homes in our subdivision, so it's hard to directly compare...

(The pics are examples of the type of set up I am envisioning, although I am flexible as to the exact execution)

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