Master Suite Design - Built-in wardrobe vs Walk-in closet

4 years ago

Hi, I am facing a dilemma for our master suite addition. After what seemed to be a thousand variables, we narrowed down our options to these two options after discussions with a builder. Pardon my amateur building skills in sketchup. West Los Angeles area. Most houses around here are 1200-1600sq ft ranch, and mine will go from 1100 to 1400+. House is at a West/Northwest front to East/Southeast back angle.

#1 - Southwest facing bed - Built in cabinet wardrobe with doors and tv nook -

*This provides good depth to the room (a walk-in with this bed orientation seemed too short, especially with a tv)

*I have left /right cabinet at 24" deep for hanging clothes and back at 18" deep.

*I can't seem to find any examples of this type of layout with a tv nook on a u shape configuration

*Bathroom is a bit narrow and we are using up a bit more valuable yard space. 72" vanity and 72x36 shower. Small towel cabinet.

*bench is nice for getting ready or could be omitted.

*I can make the right cabinet a bit longer or move the chair to that nook and add another dresser similar to second option.

#2 - Northwest facing bed - 6x7 walk-in closet

*width of room is tight for a king (we would opt for Cali King, I think), our queen is tight for lazy weekends with the fam and dog.

*Depth of room is nice, room for chair and separate dresser

*bathroom is bigger. 72" vanity, 60x48" shower, 18" cabinet

* I could make closet and that portion of the bath to be 5'6" deep which could give more room for bed. But not sure if closet is too small for two as is. (Right now we have one closet in current bedroom (hers) and it is filled to the brim ~5'6" x 2'. I use a similar size closet in the guest room)


Both options seem do-able

They allow for windows on left and upper left, which is preferred (both bath and bedroom)

All Doorways are 32" and I hope for pocket doors for closet and bath

I am pretty much stuck with this size as my max; I can't go wider than 19' and do not want to go deeper than the 15' next to pergola with 21.5' (15+6.5'). I have a nice corner nook of the yard and I would like to retain the view of it while on the patio.

Bottom right side is part of a small room saved for office laundry with little wiggle room. Entrance into master is also stuck as is.

Pergola is almost to scale, its ok as is with this size room

Sorry for the long post!


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