Closets by Design vs California Closets

10 years ago

Hi guys,

I hope I can make this decision by Monday. My wife and I have gotten quotes from California Closets and Closets by Design. Prices are approximately the same (Closets by design is a couple of hundred dollars more). One big difference and one question for you all

1. Has anyone used closets by design or knows of their quality/reputation? I know nothing about them.

2. Closets by design is a floor based model so there is a bottom shelf/toe plate around the entire bottom of the walk in closet which looks nice (at least to us)-meaning more finished, cleaner lines (instead of having clothes hanging down, there's a defined bottom) which California closets would charge a lot more to add (>1 thousand). Is a bottom shelf more/less usable than just having floor space? Is it nice/annoying?

Pics of closet by design

California closets


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