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10' Reach-in Closet or Wardrobe like ikea PAX system?

4 years ago

Our new house is currently being framed-in and I'm realizing the closets in my boys' rooms aren't going to function properly as drawn. Their rooms are mirror images of each other and the plans show a 9'-8" wide reach-in closet with 5'-0" french doors on center. That is going to leave 2.5' on each side of the door that is inaccessible. (See attached floor plan.) Originally, I was thinking of adding a 3rd single door, but not sure that will look good. Now, I'm thinking about just framing in "wall A" and getting an ikea PAX wardrobe (or something similar) to fit in the closet space. The ceilings are 8' high and I was going to go with the 93" tall wardrobe and trim out the top with crown molding. The basic PAX wardrobe system wouldn't cost much more than 2 closet doors. (Of course, the interior accessories will cost more, but I'd have to add something to the closet anyway.) I've used the closetmaid closet system in my master closets in previous houses and loved it, but they've always been in walk-in closets and hidden behind real doors. Will I regret not having a "real" closet? What would you do with these closets?

Also, even though this is for a new build, I'm posting in "Organizing the Home" in case someone's dealt with a similar closet and has thoughts on what "should have been built".

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