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1950s house with chronic peeling paint on north exterior

4 years ago

I live in a 1-1/2 story Cape Cod style house in the Midwest, built in 1953. The north side of the house has a chronic problem with peeling paint. I suspect it's due to a combination of factors -- poor 1950s insulation, interior moisture from the house pushing outwards, etc. For various reasons, I do not want to reside the entire house.

I'm considering these two routes, but would be interested in other ideas.

1) Have fiberglass insulation sprayed in (least invasive option I am told), then scrape/powerwash, prime and paint. (Don't want to sand due to lead based paint underneath.)

2) Tear off all of the old siding on the north side, install batt insulation, wrap with Tyvek, and side with LP SmartSide. The texture won't match, but the north side is not that visible from the street and my contractor recommends LP over Hardie.

The cost difference between them is extreme. I'd prefer not to break the bank with #2, and am viewing #1 as a way to give it one last try before doing anything drastic, but am debating whether that will be a waste in the long run.

If anyone has had similar experiences, I'd love to hear your thoughts and recommendations.

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