Need ideas for exterior modifications to our 1950s ranch!

8 years ago

So this is the 1957 brick ranch that we are in the process of buying. We are budgeting quite a bit towards renovations, since it's had the same owner since it was built and needs a lot of updating!

The one thing we're totally stuck on, however, is how to update the exterior. I hate the red garage door and trim, and I hate the giant bushes. But I don't know what to do instead. Some of ideas so far include...
- New garage door? What style? Or just paint the existing one? But what color?
- What color should the trim be? White? Or would that blend with the cream-colored brick too much? Taupe? Or would that be too blah?
- What to do with the area currently occupied by giant bushes? Just replace with new landscaping? Or jazz it up more somehow?

I need help! We'd really appreciate any ideas or advice.

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