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Did I make 2 major mistakes in planting my grass seed? Help please.

Nicole Rowan
5 years ago

We moved into our apartment building 2 years ago, where there was lovely grass (regardless of the shade). The gardener retired, new guy came in and killed it by mowing it way too short (twice!) at the beginning of serious heat waves. He also never watered it and didn't rake it. He preferred to sweep it with a broom, no kidding! In came the moss, ivy and weeds to replace the dead grass.

Long story short, I offered to become the gardener for our building because I have a pretty good green thumb and am capable of researching stuff online. That is what I did, I watched endless videos, read articles, forums etc for hours! I thought I was doing it the right way... but now I am not so sure and am working myself into a paranoid frenzy. I don't want the council to think I am a complete dolt and regret hiring me.

Two main concerns which I would love some clarity on:

1. I didn't till, but did remove ALL the moss and weeds by hand using a hula hoe. I raked the seed into soil from bags from the store and rolled over it with a roller. But, I did NOT cover the seed well. You can easily see much of it sticking out. I watered it.

The question is, should have I covered it with more dirt so you couldn't really see the seeds? I planted the seeds about a week ago, should I go back and do it?

2. My neighbor, and the professional gardener of the residence, told me NOT to water the seeds daily, but only every other day if that. I told him that I had not ever seen that but since he knows more about it than I do... and he was very insistent, I only watered per his instructions. However, it has been a dreary, moist week and the grass is under a tree.

The question is, should I listen to him or follow everything I read online?

Thanks so much! I feel that my entire reputation is on the line here and I am worried sick that I may have done it wrong and that nothing will grow. I should add perhaps that I am a foreigner living in France, where only people with diplomas and degrees are considered capable of doing anything. I have been pouring over websites on how to grow flowers, trim bushes, prune roses, etc I like to think anyone can garden with some information and experience!

***3. BONUS QUESTION: My neighbors think that the dead grass will come back in the spring if we just wait... but due to the ivy, moss and weeds which overtook the sparse sprinkles of grass here and there, I decided to start over. However, I did not do the entire yard, only about 30% so far. Are they right? Should I just leave the other part alone?


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