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PART 2 ...Mistakes, Mistakes, Mistakes.... oh my

15 years ago

As I said before, our build WAS going so smooth, and now as we approach the finish line - I am STRESSED!

We did have the builder rip out the fireplace, and had it lower, specifying once again - we wanted it just like the model home. The foreman ripped it out, and didn't even speak to us on that day when we went to the job site - he was fuming!

He re-framed the opening and lowered the firebox. When we went the next day, it visually was way different, and he said it is now the exact height of the model, and asked if we also wanted to lower the mantel. It was 64" I looked up the average and the average seemed to be 58"... model home was 59". We told him yes, make it 59-60".

fast forward....

the fireplace was bricked today and It STILL is 2" higher than the models, and the Mantel is 61"!!! I am a bit ticked, as I really would have thought that this foreman would have measured and double checked it. I am NOT going to force the issue, as it does look a lot better to us, and I hope that it looks 'okay' and more normal to everyone else.

Sigh... what do you think - here is the before and after photo's.





Now... for the granite island top, which I thought there would be no questions about fixing because they made the wrong edge.. we are in a battle. The GC says he is in the middle, and we need to attempt to work it out with the fabricator. We paid and upgrade to have a fancy edge (bullnose with a ogee on top) but they want to charge US another $600 to just remove the laminated (straight edge (they did a straight with an ogee on top). I am so angry!! They don't have another slab, and there is a chance it will break as they try to remove it (and in the end - it will only be an ogee edge - no refund on the product I didn't get). The salesman is LYING to his boss, and admitted he didn't remember OR write it down! They seem unwilling to budge.. our builder will not pay, as he was not involved in any communication, and I am unwilling to pay..

DH thinks the top looks okay. I think it looks thick and bulky. Here is a picture of it, which they delivered to the house assuming we would accept. We are suppose to close on Friday.. this is stressing me!!




This is HOW the edge was suppose to look:

finally - the ceiling... I am feeling like it too is a lost cause.

They really think I am the one who "keeps changing her mind" and that "there has been so many changes"... I am entitled to change my mind, and I have ALWAYS sent an email regarding any changes.

I always feel better once coming here and posting! TIA

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