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Help me with repair of my Miele w1918

5 years ago

I want to repair my new "parts" machine Miele w1918, that I bought off Craigslist last weekend. I got into the basement and hooked up. It ran through a cycle and got hot, hot, hot. But there is a slow leak coming from underneath the machine. I did a cleaning wash with citric acid, about 2/3 of a cup. the water coming out of the bottom, I have a suspicion that it is water coming in from the intake line somewhere. But I don't really know. It is a very slow seep of water and seems to stop when I shut the intake water valve off at the wall. Then started when I turned it back on.

I have never worked on a machine, but I am not faint of heart and will be willing to get this machine into working condition. Here's a distorted panoramic view of my new setup while installing. The new acquisition is on the left. When it ran through the test cycle I ran, it did very well it seemed, except for the slow leak.

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