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New J&P roses look nothing like their pictures, what is going on?

5 years ago

Hello and thank you for reading! I am seriously disappointed in my new addition from J&P website and wonder if they have sent different rose varieties to me.

This spring I ordered new introduction Spice It Up, Surreal and Tournament of Roses as bare roots. They all took off with different vigor, and had their first blooms, but neither look like their pictures on JP website I ordered from. The rose labelled "Surreal" is a beautiful warm pink, light and slightly creamy colored in the middle, one very full bloom per stem, fade quickly to creamy pink with some pale reddish splashes. Not even close to bright orange-red-pink colors seen on JP pictures, or other pictures of this rose I googled. Plant labelled Tournament of Roses is bright white with thin mauve edge (!), large and pretty, one bloom per stem. So, it is nothing like uniform coral pink TOR should be (also based on Google images and rose description). Plant labelled Spice It Up is pink indeed and uniformly fades to nice pale pink much lighter that on JP pictures, though. I like the new "wrong" roses, but they scramble the color scheme I was after.

So, I am wondering if my soil affects rose bloom colors so much, or JP messed up pretty bad? For reference, I also received Heirloom HT rose from JP in the same order and that one blooms exactly as its picture on JP web, also very fragrant. Thank you!

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