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Return policies and extended warranty comments

6 years ago

I ordered an LG set 3670 washer and the paired dryer from Costco... Not sure when it will be delivered. Still not sure that is the "best" option but need something large enough for king sz comforter so SQ is out. One reason I ordered via Costco with all other stores like Lowe's having sales is that Costco covers a 90 day return policy for W/D. Plus you get extra yr (2nd) from mfg for any w/d via Costco. If you use the Costco card you get 2 yrs extended warranty through the Visa Costco card. And I bought a 3 yr extended warranty from Square Trade as well. Personally I think there is probability of getting a lemon from any brand/model of w/d after reading so many reviews from different web sites.

I know that some stores will offer a 30 day return policy -- some don't and make you deal with the mfg warranty/service department if you have any issues after taking delivery.. I am in Sarasota, FL area and called several local appliance stores--NONE of them do service work on w/d they sell... So saw no need to buy from them if I was going to deal with the MFG's service/warranty Dept. Costco offers Consierge Service--which means they/Costco customer service will contact the mfg regarding any repairs/service problems...and I figure that Costco carries more clout that I do as an individual customer... So if/when I have issues I know for first 90 days for sure I am going through Costco.

Anyone with other positive/negative experience re a 30 day return policy from other retailers post your experiences.

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