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True test for Sears Ultra Plus Laundry Detergent

Jeffrey Caban
7 years ago
last modified: 7 years ago

Have recently been using Sears Ultra Plus laundry detergent #9879 as my go-to detergent the last month or so.

I like it's cleaning ability, low cost, and minimum sudsing.

I've read several posts of it not doing such as great job on removing smells and people using something else for their really foul smelling laundry. I normally reserve Bubble Bandit for this very situation.

This past week my Daughter had Ice Hockey Nationals in Michigan and after several games over 3 days I figured I'd give The Ultra Plus a-go. Ask anyone who has kids in Ice Hockey, the smell is down right nasty as most of the equipment cannot be laundered.

I washed what could be washed with nothing but two tablespoons of Ultra Plus powdered detergent and was more than a little surprised as everything came out of my Bosch Nexxt washer smelling fresh as could be. I am glad I grabbed three large boxes while it was on sale.

My local Sears also had a couple 5 gallon buckets in stock and might have to pick up one as well.

I give Sears Ultra Plus two thumbs up.


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