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Antique Roses and Fall Planting in zn 9a?

Does anyone in a zone 9a plant their roses in the fall? I'm in NE FL and it usually freezes a few times but bounces back up to 60's+ or so during the day. It is also dry here in the winter, normally. We usually get our first freeze between Thanksgiving and Christmas but last year didn't get one till mid Jan.

I'm thinking of putting some 3 gallons into the ground. Crepuscule, Marechal Niel, MAC, Souvenir de Madame Leonie V, and The Mermaid really need to get into the ground because I'm afraid by spring they are gonna be too huge and unruly to deal with,especially Mermaid (I dread repotting her again after the last time grrr!!!

Im also thinking of planting Cecil Brunner Spray, Fortuniana, Pink Clouds climber, and Mrs Woods Lav Noisette in the ground. They aren't as big as the other but


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