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Do you have multiple copies of same plants?

No right or wrong answers of course, or need to answer all questions, and just meant to entertain each other. You're welcome to add new questions, answer each shortly, like I did, or write regular paragraphs, however you're moved to respond, whatever's fun for you.

Are there some plants of which you have more than one individual? Yes
Do you have multiple individuals of more than 1 kind of plant? Yes
How many individuals do you have? Too many types of plants to know, too many individuals to count of some.
Are they identical or variations? I have multiples of both categories.
Why do you keep more than one? Various reasons, depending on the plant: For blooms, in the case of Kalanchoes. For experimenting with various conditions in the course of a couple years vs. a couple decades. To use some "as annuals," gifts, trades. General fear of death when there's only 1 of something.
Did you buy them or propagate them? I bought (or traded for) one of each to start with, then propagated from there.
Are you still buying/propagating or have you reached your limit? Yes, and no.
What is your limit? Apparently that has yet to be determined.

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