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Apple pie filing recipe using honey instead of sugar - safe?

7 years ago

I've made apple pie filling with honey instead of sugar before, but cannot find the recipe anywhere. Looking around, I haven't had much luck finding a new one, except on blogs where all sorts of improper stuff is likely. Can anyone tell me if and how to make substitution for an existing recipe? Looking to use only honey as a sweetener, with no other changes. Clearjel is ready to go.

  1. Can I safely substitute honey for sugar in this recipe for apple pie filling?

  1. Alternately, is this recipe from safe? The honey substitution being referred to as step 8 is "3/4 cup of honey and 1/3 cup of cherry or grape juice " for 1 quart or "6 cups of honey and 1 cup of cherry or grape juice" for 7 quarts. That sounds like WAY too much honey. When I've canned with honey before, the recipe usually called for 1/2-3/4 the equivalent of sugar.

Apple Pie Filling Ingredients Quantities of Ingredients Needed to make 1 Quart7 QuartsPeeled, cored, sliced fresh apples3-1/2 cups6 quartsGranulated sugar - you may use other sweeteners instead,
such as Stevia, honey, Agave, Splenda, etc. See step 8.1 cup3 cups

Clear Gel

5 tablespoons1 cupCinnamon1/2 teaspoon1 tablespoonNutmeg1/4 teaspoon1 teaspoonCloves1/4 teaspoon1 teaspoonGinger1/4 teaspoon1 teaspoonAllspice1/4 teaspoon1 teaspoonCold Water1/2 cup2-1/2 cupsApple juice3/4 cup5 cupsBottled lemon juice2 tbsp3/4 cup

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