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September sagas --- and you are reading what, at present?

7 years ago

I am just finishing up "Lady Catherine, the Earl, and the Real Downton Abbey" by the Countess of Carnavon. Despite the poor review shared previously on this thread, I found it a worthwhile read. The personnages are certainly lively and vibrant and the narrative settings before and during WW II are fascinating to me. It is presented as a sort of "upstairs, downstairs" theme--- e.g. how the upper crust lived in big houses with many servants, but also from the servant's point of view. The history alone of the big house is well worth the reading. Also, it gives a vivid view of how things changed for women and their rights starting post WW I, in the 20's, the loosening of previously strict roles in high society for women, as they began to vote and to work outside their homes.

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