Would you ever consider?

Rebecca Seldon

Hey there all!!

I'm currently busy with a research project, and would truly appreciate your input! Please could you kindly help me answer a few questions? It would mean the world!

1. Do you have a home office in your house/place of residence? (yes/no) - if no, please kindly continue to question 4

2. Do you/your partner/fellow housemate work from home? (yes/no)

3. If yes, what would you estimate is your/their average amount of time spent in the office, in a general working day? (under 25%/ 25%-50%/ 50%-75%/ above 75%) -of time

4. Do you/ housemate have desk space available in your/their bedroom? (yes/no)

5. If it were a genuinely safe possibility, would you consider renting this space out, during the working week, for healthy pay, whilst you are not at home? (yes/no/definitely!)

6. Do you have children(14 years+) who have desk space available in their bedroom? (yes/no) - if no, please kindly skip to the end! Thank you for your help!

7. If it were a genuinely safe possibility, and with their approval, would you consider renting this(their) space out, during the working/school week, for healthy pay, whilst they are not at home? (yes/no) - if no, please kindly skip to the end! Thank you for your help!

8. Would you consider providing a percentage/full portion of this pay as an allowance to your child(ren)? (yes/no)

Thank you so much! You are simply a star!

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Nat Kay

This is an odd research project

1. yes

2. yes

  1. above 75%

4. no

5. never, that just seems weird - unless it was something like a loft above the garage or basement with its own separate entrance without access into the main house

6. no

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