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Miele 1918 all hooked up and running :)))))

7 years ago

The last 2 days, until now, I have shown the machine off to only drain and spin. My neighbor and I watched as I poured a 1/2gal of H2O into the detergent dispenser and I set it to drain and spin. I had the spin set to 1600rpm. It was a smooth as velvet spinning. But there were no clothes in the machine. At the end my neighbor noted that my beat up stainless steel bowl that I used for the water pour, didn't even vibrate during that super sonic spin. When I get a load in there I am going to place a bowl of water on the lid and see how much vibration I get.

I didn't have intake hoses that would fit. But thanks to Alex Chicago I got some hoses at a hardware store that work. The ones I did have were some fancy thing I'd used on my old Maytag. The male connector was too long (settle down Mamap ;) to be able to screw down all the way. But got some regular hoses that are good with a 5 year guarantee. I put a filter in each hose at the connection to the water supply. The machine has a set of filters at the female attachment at the back of the machine.

Now I have a Tide cleaning powder that I got at the store running through it. I set the temp at 155f, and I can't keep my hand on the glass. Its hot. Soon, I will do a load of DH dirty jeans. I need to find a manual for this machine. It has an unusual turning on procedure.

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