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Saving/preserving food, how I've changed what I do...

8 years ago

Just thinking how I don't nearly can as much as I did previously-like years ago when I was in my 20's & 30's, even 40's. Importantly, I've noticed I'm saving food differently than I did then.

Was fond of making jams & jellies and always had friends & family to give them to. Not so much anymore. Hardly anyone I know eats bread, let alone with jam, lol! I will always make blackcurrant jam, however as it's my favorite. Husband only eats Smuckers strawberry(a#$!!!)

Instead of jam/jelly, I'll make pie or cake filling from the berries I harvest. I love a particular lemon cake recipe with raspberry filling so I'll make that & store it in the freezer in portions. I get sour cherries, peaches & apricots when in season & portion them off too for pies & cakes. In the freezer they go.

For years I canned tomatoes, with basil, garlic onion, etc. Jar after jar, loved doing this & loved the flavor. Then, a few years ago, I fell in love with roasted tomato sauce(GW recipe) which had such an intense wonderful flavor but required freezing to keep. Love this but recently found a bunch of ziplock bags of it in the bottom of the freezer. I just wasn't using it. Not having pasta very often, forgetting to add it to soups or stews. I'm bummed because the flavor of this sauce is fantastic & I've wasted it.

Tomato Harvest for summer 2016 will be turned into salsa. Have decided to make Annie's Salsa as that seems to be the best recipe. I've found I prefer to add this spicy concoction to wraps, meat dishes, rice, etc and it suits my food style at 50 more than pasta sauce anymore.

How have your canning/saving food procedures changed over the years? I found it came as such as a surprise to me that I had actually changed. It seemed like yesterday I was canning bushels of tomatoes all Labor Day we/end but that was almost 20 years ago(gulp)!

So yeah, what are you doing differently now than when you were a bright young thang?!

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