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Are We There Yet? (Landscaping Stop or Landscaping Go)

7 years ago
last modified: 7 years ago

I'm trying to decide if this is "done" for now and I'm bothered because things haven't grown to their full or near full size yet (obviously that is part of the problem!)...

Or, if something is truly missing. Pictured are two landscapes gardens we added to our once completely barren front yard last season. The arborvitae in the background have many feet to go. The dappled willow centered in the foreground garden, along with the many daylily and hosta plants, maiden grass and ivory halo dogwoods on either side of the willow shrub all have work to do as well. The crabapple in the center of the grass river also has some years to come into her own, not to mention a dripline that needs expanding...

All of this taken into consideration, I still feel as though the landscaping feels unfinished - and not entirely because it is literally unfinished, waiting for nature to catch up to our vision.

Should a street tree (power lines) and low evergreen shrubs be added to the end of the drive? Is this begging for a fence? Is is all bothering me because of impatience or true un-done-ness?

I love the ideas that come from these boards and welcome any and all opinions!

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