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Need help with landscaping to go with our new pool

5 years ago
last modified: 5 years ago

We just finished up our pool about 3 weeks ago and while we are thankful to be finished with the pool building process, now we have the task of making our backyard look habitable again. One major issue is behind the waterfall platform. There are redwoods in our backyard and they could not remove anymore dirt without possibly damaging the root structure so we have to build up the left, more level side of the dirt to match the higher right side. I'm not the happiest about that but I understand that they don't want to damage the feeder roots of the redwoods. Multiple landscape companies have suggested a retaining wall.

Our main concern is not going two much higher vertically while still being able to cover the dirt/roots that are behind the waterfall platform. I love the greenery and the beautiful tree trunks that the redwood trees have so that's also another reason why we want to have a retaining wall that just barely provides some separation and coverage without feeling like there's a tall vertical wall right behind the future pool lounge chairs. I'd also like to avoid having the retaining wall extend farther than the concrete border of the left and right side of the pool.

We are lost on design options for the retaining wall and what shape/style/color it should be. We also have no idea what kind of plants to put in the bed after it's done.

Any suggestions on what we can do to make the area look better without spending an arm and a leg?

P.S. The skinny tree on the far right, closest to the fence, is being removed.

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