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Windows 10 Update Status from Cricketm

8 years ago

Thank you DA_Mccoy and aputernut for the very valuable advice you gave me about updating to Windows 10. It is because of you both that I had the nerve this morning to update from Windows Home 7.0 to Windows 10 on my Dell Desktop.....and guess what? It only took me from 10:30 AM to 11:38 AM...and it was done. So easy...thank first question to you...Is Cortina helpful? I want to use Avira Security on my Desktop but want to know what I should delete or uninstall.....I use to have Microsoft Essentials but could not find it in my Program File to remove...

I am going to go Getting Started but the temperatures here today are in the 70s so I have to go outdoors....will work on it tonight...just came indoors from lunch.

Also, I have a brand new Dell Laptop Lattitude 3550 Windows 7.0 Professional but I am not going to update to Windows 10 until I learn how to run it on my Desktop....Thank you so much for any advice or instructions you think I might need to run Windows 10.....Cricketm/Marie

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