all pods and STPP....a dangerous combo. LOL

6 years ago

The big tub of all pods that LaundryMitch generously and amazingly had mailed to me are fantastic! They clean as well as my beloved Tide he ORIGINAL scent powder and smell almost as good. all pods smell like clean detergent! What detergents should smell like.

1 pod for a medium to large load produces the amount of suds that one wants in a front load washer. They suds form and then collapse. These pods clean, remove stains and leave laundry smelling, feeling and looking GREAT...

This is the 3rd time adding STPP with all pods, and well.....I will save my STPP for Tide powder, Miele UltraWhite, Tide with Bleach powder and Tide with a Touch of Downy powder (again that Mitch sent me :) :)

This is what just 1 tsp., even less of STPP does to the all pods:

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