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New fescue - when is it safe to use tenacity?

7 years ago

I am in Zone 7. I completely killed and reseeded my front yard with Lesco Transition Fescue. Despite some heavy rains, I got pretty good coverage and germination overall.

I do have a weed that germinated with the fescue that stands out quite a lot in color and Id like to rid of it sooner than later if its safe to do so.

I bought Tenacity recently but have never used it. Ive had problems with crabgrass and poa annua in years past.

It has been about 5 weeks and 2 mowings since I got my first round of germination (I threw some more out by hand in the thin areas after initial germination, been about 3.5 weeks)

Would it be safe to use Tenacity at this point to take care of the weeds I do have and to (hopefully?) help with the poa annua in the spring? Or given how young my seedlings still are, would it be safer to wait?

Thank you.

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