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Confused: does Tenacity kill fine fescue?

6 years ago

I've been reading many threads about Tenacity killing fine fescues (I have some creeping red, and chewings as part of a KBG/P Rye/fescue mix) - think Scotts/Penningtons blends.

I don't want to kill any of these grasses. and indeed on the Tenacity info sheet - all of these desirable grasses seem like they should be safe from Tenacity, when used at the proper app rate.

But I read much about fine fescue being susceptible. I suppose any thing can be killed given enough dosage. Should I be concerned to lose FF if given the rate of 5oz/A, per the sheet, link here? I read people experiencing FF kill at lower rates than 5?

What am I missing?

Tenacity Info Sheet

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