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Help with freezing dinners for a sick relative

8 years ago

I am making some simple meals to take to a very ill relative . I rarely freeze meals and am a little uncertain what to do. Part of me
says , other than the spaghetti sauce , these meals are better frozen
uncooked and cooked when you want them. Some I'm not even sure you can freeze. On the other hand I want it as
easy as I can for her so heating in a microwave , would be the easiest. but I don't want to compromise taste and texture more than I need to.

Couple of questions......

Chicken Parm.........the chicken is cooked . Is it OK to freeze with the sauce and cheese already on?

Spaghetti sauce....good on that one

Lasagna.......freeze cooked or uncooked..I never like leftover frozen lasagna ?

Shepherds Pie,,,..freeze with the potatoes on top?

Meat loaf.....freeze cooked or uncooked?

Hamburger mess up she likes...this one has egg noodles in it. I'm OK with freezing the meat mixture but can I add the noodles and freeze?

Mac and Cheese...can I freeze with the pasta in it or just freeze the sauce..can I even freeze the sauce?



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