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What am I doing wrong with Lady of Shallot

In its first year she did well. Grew and bloomed what I consider normal for a 1st year rose. In the spring of its 2nd second year it was bothered by rose midge. Even thou rose midge should worsen during the year it did not. We went 2 months with no rain. I pulled back any mulch and let soil bake and dry for the first 3or4 inches maybe more. I'm not sure what brought the midge under control but LoS has not be bothered for at least a month or more. She will be moved next year for one thing she's way to large to stay where she is. She also has bricks on three sides. I'm sure thats not good. Since most bricks are made from concrete these days can that affect bloom. I know that it can effect health thou this rose is healthy. The are of a lighter green. Don't know if this is normal. She gets about 7 hours of sun. Most of my other roses seem to think I'm fertilizing correctly. LoS now has 7 foot canes that fountain downward making her 14 feet wide. Why won't she bloom? The tree behind her is dead so it not stealing all the nutrients and water.

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